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3 years ago | 10 notes

Ron Paul's $3M Pot of Gold


Ron Paul raked in roughly $3 million during the first quarter through his various political organizations, POLITICO has learned.

Though not all of that money can be transferred to a potential presidential campaign, the big haul demonstrates Paul’s continuing force as a grassroots-powered online fundraiser.

The Texas congressman raised $1 million through his federal PAC and $2 million through Campaign for Liberty, a 501C(4) which cannot transfer funds directly to political organizations. Paul’s fundraising documents, to be filed later Thursday with the FEC, will also show he has $1.7 million on hand in his congressional campaign account.

“Dr. Paul’s fundraising comes almost exclusively from individuals, not special interests,” LibertyPAC director Jesse Benton told POLITICO. “He received contributions from all 50 states, and his average gift this quarter was under $70, demonstrating his broad grassroots support.

“Dr. Paul’s grassroots fundraising prowess is unmatched, and any 2012 political endeavor on which he embarks will have the financial backing it takes to win,” Benton added.

Much of Paul’s funds came via a Presidents’ Day money bomb that netted $700,000 for his federal PAC. The money bomb was promoted through Paul’s Facebook page and libertarian websites promising his fans that “if we show him enough support, he will announce his official candidacy for 2012.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/52317.html#ixzz1IRMr2V5Q
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